Monday, April 27, 2009

Pictures of March

So, it has been a while!

I know I promised to do better with the blogging but I have had a busy last few weeks. I have lots of posts in the works and much to update! The last time we blogged was when it snowed. That seems like forever ago, but that was only the beginning of March! The snow was the first of our surprises for March. About 2 weeks after we found out that Jared PASSED his last ARE test! Praise God! He took the test at the first of February, so having to wait 6 weeks was no easy task. Thank you all so much who prayed for him and our family! Right after that was Jared's birthday. He says that passing his test was gift enough, but the boys thought he could use a new shirt and shorts. (Now that he will have plenty of time to play with them since he won't be studying anymore!) Towards the end of March the weather started warming up (not for long though!) and we went to the zoo with some friends of ours, The Skeltons. This was Maddox's first trip and I think he enjoyed just being out and about. I think both of my boys would stay outside all day if I would let them. Chrissy is such a great friend and Caelan just loves Ella! He had such a great time with them! I really admire Chrissy for getting out with them. They will soon be a family of 5 with a little girl to be added to the mix in July! That means they will have 3 under 3! You guys are amazing! Later that week we took Caelan to see Playhouse Disney! We had great seats and you could see all of the characters to well! I think I will have to keep my ears open for more events like these! We all had fun! Last but not least for March, we have entered baseball season again! We all enjoy going to watch the boys play games, but this year Caelan is so much more in to it. He thinks he is on his own team and will play behind the bleachers with other kids- hitting, running the bases, and sliding. I know some of this may be a little hard to follow, but the months are flying by and Maddox was 4 months in March! I am going to do a post just for him after this. Just keep reading (up I guess).

Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm Sorry!

I am so sorry I have not posted in over a month! We have been really busy and I hate to say it,but this post will be short until I have some downtime at naptime today! Hopefully, no bad weather will hinder this. Lots to catch up on (for all of you 4 blog readers)! Hope everyone has a great Good Friday and God Bless!