Sunday, October 12, 2008

I know- 2 Posts So close together

So I know I don't post this often, but we had such a great weekend that I had to share it with all! Saturday we got up early and headed to the Pumpkin Patch with our friends the Dobbins'. They have a little boy who is a little younger than Caelan, but that does not mean anything when you have 2 boys together. We started the morning early and got there about 9 am. The boys got to ride some ponies and loved it. After that we headed to go get our pumpkin and ride on the covered wagon. When we arrived at the field the boys took of running through the field while the husbands were looking for the right pumpkin. When everyone had achieved their goal of the right pumpkin we headed back to the wagon to go back. I think the two workers must have thought they were comedians because I had one ask me when I was going to pay for the pumpkin I stuck under my shirt! I didn't quite get it at first, but once I did I had to laugh. I thought later I should have told them in about 6 weeks! Everyone got a good laugh and we headed back. After the pumpkin we did the inflatables, the petting zoo and took some good "fall" pictures. I really enjoyed the whole thing and can't wait to go back next year! Here are some pics with Caelan and his friend Noah. Plus some of Mommy and Daddy.

Friday, October 10, 2008

A little update....sort of

I just wanted to post a little since I have not done so in a month! I am coming along in this pregnancy pretty good. I went to the doctor on Wednesday and they say I am measuring just over a week ahead. My due date is Nov. 25th, but I am hoping that baby Maddox will make his arrival before then! A few reasons would be 1) that is the week of Thanksgiving and 2) that is the week of the Auburn vs. Alabama game and neither of which do I want to be in the hospital for! :) But, only God knows when he is going to bring our little man in to this world. The doctor believes that I am going to have another 9 pounder like Caelan. I was not at all surprised by this. I love feeling this baby inside me, but I am now ready to meet him. I look forward to all of the memories with Maddox that we have created with Caelan. I can't wait to introduce Caelan to his little brother and see him hold Maddox for the first time. All we know is that we have a little more than 6 weeks or so until we get to meet him and we all can't wait!

Caelan is growing up so quickly before our eyes! Recently, I got to go to the big consignment sale I go to every season. I got all of his fall wardrobe for about $100 or so. I thank God for the ladies who decided to start this company some 18 years ago. They make it such a wonderful experience and give all of the glory to God for bringing the three of them together. Anyways, I ended up buying him 3T pants and 4T tops. My little boy is growing faster than I can keep him clothed! I always have fun meeting up with my KidsMarket friends that I only see twice a year. We get to trade stories about our lives that have happened in the last 6 months. It is always interesting hearing about these kids.

Here are some recent pictures that I hope you will enjoy. I will post again soon about all of our friends that are having babies and about the Pumpkin Patch that we are going to tom. I can't wait to see how Caelan likes everything! These pics are of us at the beach this summer, at the lake with Caelan feeding the ducks and at home before his first day of school and an Auburn football game. Have no fear all of my Alabama fans, I will post a pic of him in his Alabama outfit on the next post! :)