Friday, June 4, 2010

Busy World, but only getting Busier!

Thanks everyone for hanging with us when I have only been updating every couple of months! So much has been going on over the last little bit. Caelan had his first tball season (and Jared was the coach!) Caelan's 4th Birthday was at the end of April. Maddox has been up and down with sickness- more than I ever cared for! Mom (Lola) had back surgery. Aubrey had foot surgery #3. Jared has started his own business. My business has picked up speed. Caelan finished his school year in the 3's and Maddox finished his first school year ever! I am telling you we have had little to no down time! Down time- are those words that go together?! Here are some pics for everyone. I really am going to try and keep this thing updated now that summer is here. have made this statement before, but I really want to keep it up so I can look back and see what the boys were like. They change so much every week!

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